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The reason I made this video clip is mainly because this Bitcoin investment company has Frozen all of the early investor accounts, Including mine #CryptoRoger, I'd 48,000 USD in there, today my investment is simply 28000 because of the bad business administration of theirs, but my only is Locked up.

They offer next to Zero Support. And the one means of communication I've left are these Youtube Videos. I am disabled, I've beside no money and add great hopes this investment was going to change the life of mine for the better.

REGALCOIN has locked out ICO investors for 37 days right now. This particular video is a bit of peak in to the Journey of mine with RegalCoin. I have currently lost 10's of a huge number of dollars as result of the RegalCoin Lockout.

In case I possibly do get unlocked I would certainly develop a Celebration Update Video, I'd even be prepared to delete my previous two videos, I know some would say that is uncool, although I've money invested in Regal and I plan to Lend it, so as more info far as I am concerned I'd delete / replace them with a brand new one. I don't wish to hurt the Coin, I only want what is mine and appears to me, these videos are I have left (in my control) at the time with regard to RegalCoin.

An important element of being disabled is an extreme lack of revenue. Do not get me wrong, I get by, but this was suppose to change my life for the better after in excess of a decade of no hope. So to say I am disappointing is actually an understatement.

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